Trekking Types

Tea House Trekking is also known as lodge trek. Teahouse trekking along the main trails is the most common style, with decent lodges in every settlement (and between), it is possible to trek in comfort with minimal preparation, and equipment and support.Trekkers are dependent upon many teahouses and locally available inns along the trails. Along the trek you will have some best facility available and some are very basic so it requires compromising with your consideration and keeping in mind sense of adventure. Trekking in this way minimizes the costs and is less affected by diverse weather conditions.The main areas for these treks are Everest/Khumbu Langtang and Annapurna. Since 2010, the Manaslu Circuit Trek has become possible without camping in tea-houses; it also offers some comfort on some of the harshest terrain on earth. All of our treks are accompanied by local guides who lead trekker/s in the regions where there is access to local inns. A porter is also arranged if & when necessary to carry equipment relevant to the trip. Teahouse is popular choice of trekkers and very easy too but best option to observe Nepalese lifestyle. There are frequent lodges / teahouse in the most popular trekking routes where trekkers can stop where ever they want for meals / accommodation according with their timeframe. On trek you are guided by an English-speaking Sherpa guide, assisted by Sherpa staff. All main baggage is carried by porters, yaks or horses / mules.

Camping Trek is one of the classic styles of trekking in Nepal also known as fully organized trek. Trekkers are fully dependant on locally hired staff which makes up a pretty large outfit since not only the trekkers’ personal gear needs to be carried but also the group equipment and food. The classic style of trekking in Nepal and can be conducted almost anywhere in the country. Camping trekking is fully organized and supported with a team of guides, cooks, sherpas and porters to accompany you. Camping treks, however expensive they may be, has its own unique rewards offering a truly enjoyable experiences for visits to more remote regions where no teahouses or local infrastructures are available. The cook will prepare all the meals during the camping trek. Trekkers need to carry only a small bag as required for the day. At night, tents for dining, sleeping and ablution are provided and set up. Mattresses, sleeping bags, tables and seating are arranged by staff. All the necessary trekking gears; food, fuel and other goods are carried by the porters. Camping treks are typically done in the regions of Kanchenjunga, Dolpa, Makalu, and Manaslu. The typical days of camping trek also follows the same as teahouse trekking as timetable and the foods will we cooked by well trained cook. At camping spot some of our staff team likes to sing song and dance too or some places mother group of local community may come to perform their local culture show. Food on trek is a mixture of Western and local dishes and there is plenty of it, and plenty of choice. Foods are so good that even somtimes our trekker's warned us to take our cook to their home

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